Accepting you need to wear a wig perruques cheveux naturels is difficult enough, without having to actually go through the process of learning about which wig to buy. They can be expensive and difficult to purchase without seeing in person, not to mention the ever-present concern that your wig may not look realistic. Here we provide you with a quick guide to ladies wigs; how to buy your first wig, what to look for and several other very important tidbits of information. Wig Fitting Wigs are absolutely not one-size-fits-all, and you can't just slip one on and expect it to look the way you want it to. Do take the time to go for one private wig fitting at the beginning of your journey. You'll be able to use the knowledge you gain there to purchase any and all future wigs. Human Hair or Acrylic? Real human hair and acrylic wigs have a few fundamental differences. A human hair wig can be styled, cut and coloured much like your normal hair. It also requires similar care including shampoo and conditioner, can be made to have the most natural remy hair extensions of hair lines (with a lace front) and a natural parting. Also known as synthetic wigs, acrylic wigs require a different kind of shampoo, have different hair lines and normally have less realistic-looking partings. With a few exceptions they cannot be heat-styled or coloured. The latest acrylic cosplay wigs wigs are made with much higher quality manufactured strands of hair but they will not last as long as real hair wigs. One good rule of thumb is to choose a human hair wig for every-day use and add a few acrylic wigs to your collection to change up your look. In general, perruques cheveux with wigs you pay for what you get, so if it's high quality lace front wigs and duration you are after, a higher priced human hair wig is your best bet. The Lighter the Better Out of the many considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a wig, its weight will probably have the biggest impact on your comfort. The highest quality wigs will have silky caps made with the softest and most lightweight materials. Look Like You But Better As you advance pre bonded hair along your wig-wearing journey you can enjoy the benefit of being able to wear different wigs and enjoy the changes in look that come along with them. But, at the beginning it's often best to shop for a wig that helps you look like the best version of you. Look for a wig that closely matches your natural hair colour, or go just a shade brighter, to ensure your change is not too drastic. Search for a style that looks like a way you would wear your hair. Wigs